Lee Rios

Lee Rios is the founder and director of Semeneya, a Latin dance studio and entertainment based out of San Antonio, Texas. Lee stands out for his unique style in teaching and choreography. He studied, taught, and performed Salsa as well as many other traditional Latin Dances for more than 20 years. He has taught in various events both nationally and internationally including; Africa, India, and Europe. Lee Rios has recruited the highest clamber of instructors and dancers from all around the world including Mexico, Colombia, and Cuba to represent Semeneya Dance Studio. In 2015, Semeneya became a house-hold name after featured on America’s Got Talent. He is not only known for dance but also his involvement in the community as a staple local business in San Antonio. Lee Rios is passionate to share his knowledge and inspiring many to be “touched, moved, and inspired” by dance.