SAAAACF pursuing equity and social impact in the African American Community by funding causes addressing the long-term economic, justice, social, education, and health challenges.

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Board Message:

The San Antonio Area African American Community Board (SAAAACF) is deeply saddened by the tragedies severely impacting the African American Community from the COVID19 outbreak and the killings of several African Americans. We want to show the utmost respect to the family, friends and the many others that are grieving or suffering from lives lost because of systemic racism and the void of opportunity   As such, like so many others, the SAAAACF board expresses our sorrow and our desire to unite with those that want to put an end to racial injustice faced by African Americans.

Since 2008, SAAAACF mission has focused on eliminating injustice and barriers faced by African Americans in health, education, arts, housing, economics, and general livelihood in the San Antonio area. Our Board members are committed individuals who understand the challenges and pathways utilizing the limited resources within the community to begin to overcome them. We have been advocating for more resources and structured our organization to support proven pathways. As such, while we continue to grieve through these tragedies, we will continue to keep focus on our organization goals, individuals passion, and relevant experiences to be a voice of equity and philanthropy for African Americans. While this has been our focus from the beginning, we believe that the time is now for all of us to unite and actually end systemic racism. Our hope is that anyone reading this message will support, join, and advocate with us.

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Mission Statement

Promote and advocate for financial philanthropy to enhance the quality of living of the African American community in the San Antonio Area.